The best dressed camel…..?

It is quite hard to imagine the concept of the most beautiful and best dressed camel.  No matter what the added finery, garters and all, they are not exactly going to the ball.  The following day they will be off to Pamucak for the camel wrestling, but on market day it was the best dressed camel competition.  We have no idea which camel won or what the standards for judging are, but as ever when camels are about there was much excitement, playing of drums and wind instruments as loudly as possible, and freshly cooked sucuk.

4 responses to “The best dressed camel…..?

  1. Oh, come on! The concept is staring you disdainfully right in the eye! Then again, I take your point when the beast is slobbering into the back of your hoodie!

    • With all due respect no matter how much they are decorated camels fail at being beautiful. Despite this the beauty and decorated contest is a vast amount of fun for all.

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