A Random Day in January

JasmineThe jasmine in the garden is still flowering, OK, not like it does in summer, but there are still some flowers.  Today there were honeybees on the jasmine.  We Camel2014were going to spend some time in Cafe Carpouza sitting outside in the warm sunshine and drinking tea but all the tables were taken by others with the same idea.  So instead we wandered around for a bit, found a camel, got given some camel meat sucuk which was delicious, and then made tea at home.

10 responses to “A Random Day in January

  1. I didn’t know you could get camel meat sucuk? Hmm interesting.

    This weather is glorious isn’t it? And the forecast for the rest of this month and February is looking pretty good too. Lovely.

    • There is always camel meat sucuk at the camel wrestling. And camel meat köfte. The camels do not seem disturbed by the sights and smells of other camels being cooked. I don’t suppose they would, but it always seems odd to us.

      It feels quite like spring, after a brief but heavy shower soon after midnight the day before yesterday.

  2. ‘. . camels do not seem disturbed . .’ when we were at the camel wrestling at Buldan last year we were munching our way through a few sucuks-in-a-loaf and I can tell you that there were some very accusing looks directed our way!

  3. A daywith a real difference, so exciting – i bet you never thought you,d be on a camel when you woke up this morning. I imagine a lollipy ride on a camel is invigorating. Does the jasmin smell in winter?

    • We have never ridden camels in Turkey. These are here for the beauty contest and the wrestling. The warmth seems to bring out the scent in the jasmine so we notice it less in winter. In summer it can be almost overwhelming.

  4. The weather IS pretty amazing but worrying too. Barely any water in the dams and they are already talking about possible water cuts in May 😦 .
    Alan, I don’t know how you could eat camel sucuk!!!! We saw that at the camel wrestling in Ezine (which was very exciting) and it certainly didn’t appeal!

    • Yes. there are concerns about water shortages locally. And I think it must be very bad for the farmers. No snow in the hills either, which is probably bad for the ski resorts.
      We love camel sucuk and just acquired half a kilo of it. It’s softer and, we think, tastier than the dana sucuk.

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