Gamersos Monastery

manzaraH2On Sunday we went walking with Zirve Dağılık ve doğa spor.  We were promised a short and easy route and…

It was a very short and easy route!  We had tea before setting off and stopped in Belevi just up the road for a proper breakfast.  Then back into the bus and off to the hills before Tire.  We turned left towards Yörülkler and up a very steep and winding road.  We were quite glad that the bus was fighting gravity on our behalf.

observed-by-goatWe got out to see some rather interesting rock tombs then walked up to a farmhouse on a ridge which had some sensational views.  Sadly the weather was a bit misty and it was easy to confuse the more distant mountains with the darker clouds.  I found another blog with photos of this view in much clearer weather though, of course, we don’t know any of the people in those photos.  Actually, if you are interested in walking in Turkey, that is a very interesting blog.  But I digress…

We walked on for about two hours – very easy going and reached Gamersos arkadaslar-ve-yapraklarMonastery.  There is, to be honest, very little there.  A few walls, a spring, some holes that were probably once storage chambers and some very, very old oriental plane trees.  I think they could give the memory tree a run for its money.  Oh and a lot of dry leaves.  We also saw the first anemones of the year.  Two of them.  One of which lale3was very carefully dug up by someone who wanted to take it home.  The wildflowers haven’t really started yet but it’s been a very dry winter.  The last real rain was right at the beginning of December.

We spent several hours at the monastery site.  The THK (Turkish Aviation) students had abseiling lessons and the rest of us hung out, chatted and ate.  We ate a lot.  None of us wanted dinner that evening…

Then, when everyone had eaten and climbed and was ready, we strolled down to sultan-balim-turbesi-4where our bus was waiting for us.  We visited the tomb of Sultan Balım.  We had a brief foray into Tire where we strolled and drank coffee.  Shopping was also done and we were given a free sample of tatlı lor and karadut pekmez (a kind of dessert cheese with mulberry molasses) which was delicious.  And, I think, paid off as several people bought quantities to take home.

Facebook has been busy since, as everyone is sharing pictures!


6 responses to “Gamersos Monastery

  1. another very nice ‘wandering’ post – really enjoy these!

  2. Hope they don’t make a habit of digging up the bulbs.

  3. Wonderful views and looks like you had somelovely home made food. Beautiful wild flowers, such vibrant colours.

    • We would like to return in clearer weather as the views are truly sensational. Making food the night before is a necessary part of these activities! It took a while for people to trust the yabanci’s cooking, but we are getting there…. (I do not ‘open’ the yufka myself, I have to explain this…)

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