Photo of the Month – December 2013


We seem to have done very little this month.  It started very wet and then it got very cold, then there was social stuff at which no photos got taken.  Only one ‘big’ walk.  And that is where most of the good photos came from.

We caught these flowers on our bougainvillea when we moved it so that the terrace could be extended.  It is still flowering, as are many of the geraniums though the basil has, sadly, wilted (cuttings doing well in the kitchen).


6 responses to “Photo of the Month – December 2013

  1. Bright and beautiful! Is it a sign of spring coming? Or is it a winter flowering plant?

  2. . . ‘Spring’ flowers are so far behind this time around – we’d normally have had anemones everywhere by now but there has barely been a showing and it’s the same with many others. Strange times!

    • We’ve not seen anything except fuschias and dandelions and daisies (oh and a few of the sand crocuses which aren’t really crocuses). In the past we have seen anemones this time of year. I was thinking this could be because they have ‘made up’ a lot of the forest roads.

  3. We don’t usually have anemones this early but this year we have.

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