Daily Archives: December 29, 2013

Renovation Work

Well we’ve talked about builders and little things in the middle of a big thing but we’ve not yet got round to talking about the latest improvement works on our ‘compound’…


Terrace before work

Sometime around late September early October we took a look at the back house terrace, or porch.  It’s where we spend the vast majority of our time in summer.  It’s shady and pleasant and conveniently close to the house.  But, back then, it was very small.   We decided to try to have it extended.  We went to buy some tiles that matched those already present and rode home on the tractor.  We started to ask around for an usta who would be prepared to take on the work.

We didn’t have much luck initially.  It was summer.  All the good builders were busy and had no time for our little extension. Whilst we were making these enquiries we had a little problem with the window in the back house bathroom which led to speculation about removal of the bath (never got used, always needed cleaning) and renovation of the bathroom (a lot of the fittings had suffered from neglect by long-term tenants)…  In the end we went through a friend who said everyone was busy till 21st November at which point our Usta came round and said he would be back in 15 days or so…  We began to wonder whether he would be back but, a week ago last Tuesday he showed up and took a good look at what would need to be done.  Hilary was in the back house at the time, pinning together some pieces of a quilt which ended up being done in double quick time to free the house up for the building work…

Next morning he took us off to the builder’s merchants to choose tiles.  This was fun.  They showed us lovely tiles.  We selected some.  They went off to find out whether they were in stock.  They weren’t.  So we selected some different tiles – light grey and dark grey.  The dark grey were in stock but not the light grey.  OK, we decided, dark grey alone would be fine but we’d want a border…  Eventually we found a combination of tiles and borders that we liked and were in stock.  And…. In the intervening period we had chosen a new shower fitting and a new tap for the wash basin.

Work begsteps-day-1-endan…  The tiles were ripped out of the bathroom and from theck house steps…  Then they were rebuilt.  Everything went very quickly.  By Sunday everything was finished, except for ‘montaj’ in the bathroom.  Most of that was done whilst we were out walking and the final touches were put on the work after we got home.