Little things in the middle of a big thing – Part 1

It has been an odd few days.  We are having some major work done on the house, more on that later, but in the middle of that work other things happened.

The drain from the kitchen sink blocked.  We did the usual, dismantled the pipes beneath the sink, cleaned them out, tried a plunger.  No better.  Then we got the local stuff that is called sink opener (lavabo açici).  It’s caustic soda.  Tip it into the drain, add boiling water, stand back.  This too failed.

11954219911140919487h0us3s_Sign_danger_corrosive.svg.medIt was time to call a plumber.  The plumber came with a length of hose pipe, tried to unblock it.  Despite many metres of it going into the drain it failed.  He said he was going to get some stronger drain medicine, but that none was available in Selçuk.  Anyway, he came back a few hours later with a 2 litre plastic container full of a clear oily liquid.  He opened windows first, saying there will be smells, at which point Ashley started to get a good idea what was in that container.  Some went down the drain, gurgling noises started.  Then boiling water, then some more of the strong drain medicine, then more boiling water.  Then loads of it.  All manner of noises started coming from the drain along with powerful blasts of hydrogen sulphide.

It did the trick.  The basement garage needed serious ventilation to get rid of the fumes.  The kitchen sink now drains perfectly.  The odd smell that was noticed in the bathroom has gone.  Ashley suspects he left it a few hours because he wanted to be sure there was no caustic soda still in the drains.  So there you have it, if all else fails….  Concentrated sulphuric acid will probably succeed in unblocking drains, it certainly cleared ours.

4 responses to “Little things in the middle of a big thing – Part 1

  1. . . bit like gold mining then!

  2. Dread to think where the H2SO4 ends up (PS not sure if that is the right number of Hs and Os – It’s been a while since my last chemistry lesson.

    • Your chemistry is correct. We are assuming it will kill a few bathroom insects, rats, and such. Will gradually get more and more dilute / react with alkaline stuff. We would hope that by the time it emerges from the drains it is not much more than water and salts…. Hopefully.

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