The miracles of modern bureaucracy

Ukpassport-coverOn 20th November Ashley sent off all the paperwork to renew his passport, application form printed from the internet, old passport, proof of address, new photos, and the form for paying.  This now goes to Liverpool (not Germany as it did for a few years).  It was sent from the PTT (post office) via their courier service (EMS), which was pretty reasonably priced.  It could be tracked on the PTT site to Istanbul, then on the Post Office site once in the UK, so we knew when it arrived.

A day later the Passport Office took the money.  It cost slightly more than applying in the UK, the extra is for the courier back.

The day before yesterday we had a text from DHL. This resulted in a few emails and phone calls  because there was apparently some issue with our address this was all swiftly resolved and yesterday a courier arrived….  We signed for the package, opened it eagerly thinking it must be the new passport.  But no, it was the old one and a letter we had sent them as proof of address.  This resulted in a phone call to the Passport Office to check what was going on.  We learnt that they send two packages, one containing all the old material, and one containing just the new Passport.  However they did provided us with a tracking number for the Passport and we quickly learnt the passport was at that time in Izmir.

Today it arrived.  15 days in total, from posting to the UK to back with us.

7 responses to “The miracles of modern bureaucracy

  1. We were worried about sending Teo’s passport back to Liverpool to be renewed but like Ashley, he got a new one within 10 days – we were very impressed. Quicker than when we renewed it in the UK.

    • Huge efficiency all round. Now we need to go to Izmir to make sure his passport and his Ikamet match… We are taking our Kindles. Even if the Polis are quick we’ll have something to read on the train

  2. . .pretty bloody amazing!

  3. I too used this facility earlier this year and found it worked a treat with Yurtiçi Kargo from Fethiye…Less than two weeks round trip if I remember correctly.

  4. By way of an update. We went to Izmir to show the authorities the new passport and old Residence Permit. We were told there is nothing that needs to be done, but to be on the safe side Ashley will carry the old and new passport just in case….

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