Shopping for Wine

Walk-from-Sirince-Nov-13We took a dolmuş up to Şirince, a local village with wineries and all too often too many tourists.  Not being a weekend and in late November the village was pretty quiet but still open for business.  Much of the wine is made from fruit other than grapes but there is a reasonable selection of wines made from grape.  One of the fun bits is that it is possible to wander around the village visiting the many wine houses and sampling the beverages on offer.  You only get a tiny glass but three or four at each of the many establishments….  It is well possible to get quite tipsy.

Many of the wines we tasted, all white and made from grapes, were a little sweet for us.  To be expected really, our tipple of choice is a bone dry Sauvignon Blanc.  What is on offer was mostly local grape and made in a German style, a bit like a dry Riesling – drinkable but not quite to our taste.

We ended up buying six bottles of a wine we had bought before, light, fruity, young, sufficiently dry, and interestingly the cheapest of those on offer, so certainly not a wine to get snobby over.  It is not dissimilar to what might come in a jug at a taverna in Greece – perfectly acceptable and something we have drunk enough of in the past.

To help us recover from the strenuous activity of tasting so many wines we decided it would be good for us to walk back home.  It was a sunny day, the walk is mostly downhill and takes a couple of hours.  And you don’t get a view like this walking home from Oddbins.

6 responses to “Shopping for Wine

  1. Can you let us know which one you bought as when I go, I’ll be driving and won’t be able to taste many. I also prefer Sauvignon Blanc.

    • We bought VinCent. Not the most delectable of wines but it was only 10 lira a bottle, though another shop asked almost double that. It’s a brand rather than a specific wine so it pays to shop around. There’s a village towards Ahmetbeyli that does nicer wine for the price and a winery just past Camlik that does much, much nicer wine but it’s expensive.

  2. VinCent – really? You couldn’t make it up!

  3. It’s a beautiful village. Half way up the hill, on the right, is a little cafe selling gozleme – really lovely lady runs it. A little further up the hill on the left,set back a little, is a wonderful pension – sells delicious homemade biscuits. I’m coming over to Izmir in December and we plan to have a day trip there again, and go to Efes & Bergama ( will remember to visit the museum you mentioned before). Enjoy the wine!

    • We are not too keen on the village itself – although lovely, there are more and more shops selling mass produced goods at inflated prices. We think we know the gozleme place you mentioned and hope you enjoy your visit. It will be quiet in December unless you visit on a sunny Sunday!

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