A challenging walk and overcoming fears

Notion-walkYesterday’s walk started at Notion, the port city near the Oracle at Claros at about 09:00.  We wandered around the site, receiving explanations of various structures.  It’s very tumbledown and unrestored and, we feel, deserves further exploration in a more leisurely manner.  A picnic lunch on a sunny winter day, Claros-columns-reflectionperhaps?  The views are quite spectacular.

From Notion we made our way through mandolin orchards to Claros.  We’ve blogged about Claros  before.  It is one of our favourite sites, and we’ve never seen it as crowded as it was yesterday with 50 walkers…

dealing-with-the-fenceThe idea was to walk up towards the village of Gölova but a number of locked gates and fenced off land blocked our way.  Instead we ascended through the Ales Valley and up several limestone inclines to a plateau where we at our lunch.  A couple of hours after lunch, following a steep and slippery descent (with some amazing views) we reached the minibus that was waiting to take us home.  We set off back for Selçuk shortly after five.

It should be said that Hilary does not like climbing.  She’s OK with walking and a Notion-climbing-2bit of a scramble, but there was a great deal of scrambling, and slipping and sliding.  However, despite a couple of panicky moments and thanks to the very helpful guides and fellow walkers, she made it.  As did everyone else.  The walk, advertised as ‘medium difficulty’ turned out to be rather tough…

We were fortunate with the weather.  There was a little mild drizzle as we settled down for lunch, but it was over in ten to fifteen minutes and we got back home dry.

We fell into bed early last night and got up late this morning (woken by stormy rain outside), very much aware of how hard we had work muscles better accustomed to walks of medium difficulty.


6 responses to “A challenging walk and overcoming fears

  1. Some lovely photos here…….

  2. . . well done Hilary – feel the fear and do it anyway!

  3. Good for you Hilary. It looks a bit beyond me.

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