Winter is coming ….. Again

Towards-Seluck-November-walIt’s still not dropped below 10 degrees at night, but there is a distinct chill in the air and things look misty.  This is partly humidity and party woodsmoke.  We moved into our winter quarters about a week ago.  The new soba is doing a good job of warming the rooms (and less of a good job of drying the tea towels on the rail above it).  It lights easily, does not fill the room with smoke though it does need the glass cleaning every morning.  This is easily done with the paper the baker wraps the warm loaf in.  Get back with the hot bread, clean the stove glass…  It is becoming routine already.

blooming-NovemberThe bougainvillea doesn’t have too many flowers now, though we hope it will make some more in December.  The square bed by the back house is still looking colourful…

We had rain last week.  It started on Thursday when Hilary was on the way home from the dentist.  More is expected within the next 24 hours.  It may rain on Sunday.  We’re booked to go walking with Zirve again and they have asked, on Facebook, for us to confirm that we will still go, even if it is raining.  Well, we have good waterproofs now!  They need to be tested.

It’s dark soon after five in the afternoon now.  It seems very early.  Though, of course, the clocks were put back whilst we were in the UK.  It is light at eight in the morning, in winter we get more daylight hours and a lot more sunny hours than the UK.  A friend who lives in Sweden has reported morning temperatures of -4 degrees.  It makes us shiver to even think of it!  We think we are becoming acclimatised.

We had to rush aroucheerful-pansiesnd market last Saturday due to another engagement, but we managed to pick up something to brighten up the short dark days of winter.


4 responses to “Winter is coming ….. Again

  1. I’m considering moving to our winter base too. Trying to hang on as long as possible to the remnants of summer.

  2. flowers add so much colour. The act of lighting a fire in your home warms and comforts the soul. Are the village/town’s houses made of the same stone as the castle (look similar on the photo)?

    • Most of the houses and blocks of flats in town are reinforced concrete. There are some old stone buildings up on ‘the Hill’ on the other side of the railway.

      There are stone parts of our house are stone, but not the parts that are visible.

      Completely in agreement about the fire and the flowers. One thing we do miss here is having a garden… We just have a couple of small beds and a lot of pots. Not much will grow on the roof terrace which bakes in full sun all summer.

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