Yeni Soba Var

We have aold-soba new wood burning stove.  It is a thing of beauty.  The old soba, it should be said, worked well enough.  It was always difficult to light, fussy about the size of wood, and made smoke in the house for at least a short period most evenings it was in use.

We thought that a wood burning stove would be a great improvement.  Hilary was very keen to have glass in the front of it so that she could watch the logs burning.  We have friends with wonderful stoves, bought from Canada or from Switzerland.  We also have a friend who bought his stove in Tekzen – a local chain and he was very pleased with it.  We rode out to Tekzen in Kuşadası and they didn’t have any nice stoves at all.  The only half way decent one they had was broken.  They thought they might get more in later in the season…

We did our Internet Research and found a shop in Izmir that sells Prity stoves.  These are made in Bulgaria and, whilst a great deal more expensive than Turkish models, are hugely cheaper than anything made in the UK, Scandinavia or Canada.  Last week we went up to Izmir and looked at the stoves, chose one and paid for it.  It arrived by Kargo on the day we requested.  We had to install it ourselves but, as it arrived early, we had plenty of time to walk into town to buy new pipes (the right length) and a new base.  It takes the same sized pipes as a local soba.  Installation was not a problem.

Ashley lit it on Thursday.  It works beautifully.  It heats the room more evenew-sobanly than the old one, you can see the pretty flames and it doesn’t make smoke inside the house…

Although, tonight there was smoke in the house, but that’s because Hilary forgot she had put croutons in the oven…

8 responses to “Yeni Soba Var

  1. That looks very smart – I may be tempted.

    • Ours kicks out enough heat for our relatively small space. And the glass does require cleaning frequently (though a friend gave me a good tip for that). We think it was a good investment

      • Lynda Fleming

        Hi just noticed your response about sobas dated 17th November 2013 about a good tip for cleaning the glass. Was looking for Turkish products when spotted it. Would you let me know the ‘tip’ your friend gave you. Many thanks

      • No product needed! We use a slightly damp piece of newspaper, lightly dipped in the old ashes. Then wipe dry and polish with a second piece of newspaper. Really quick, easy and surprisingly effective.

  2. Oh that is really lovely!

  3. That does look really nice. We should really do something about heating. We have made do with klima in one room and electric blanket. This is tempting.

    • We tried heating a room with bursts of the klima and got a hideously high electric bill. Never again! The local sobas do kick out a lot of heat – especially if you can source cheap, dry wood. I’m sure you could get something similar to ours (if not identical) in Bodrum.

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