Kurşunlu Manastırı

kursun-sea-view-from-monastOn Sunday we went walking with Zirve Dağcılık ve Doğa Spor Klubu.  This excursion started in Davutlar from whence we walked up to an old, ruined monastery.  There were 51 people (including a sizeable contingent from the local University) and one dog.

kursun-cyclamenThe first bit was reasonably flat, then we came to a place where they are building a dam.  Beyond that the walking got steeper, though it was still walking.  It was fascinating to watch Kuşadası, Davutlar and the sea drop away beneath us as we climbed.

We had a while to poke around the monastery buildings themselves.  The place is fairly ruined but, inside the dome there are traces of reliefs and of paint.  A little further on we found a place to stop for the traditional lunch.


With 51 people (and a dog) all walking, you don’t get to see a great deal of kursun-fungiwildlife.  But we heard blackbirds and saw lots of cyclamen.  Also many different kinds of fungus.

Walking back down was a bit quicker.  I think we took a shortcut.  The path was blocked in one place but we found a way around.  It was a great day out in excellent company with some spectacular views.  The walking was challenging enough to be interesting but not a real stretch of fitness (as it was last time).  Though our knees were feeling their age on Monday.


2 responses to “Kurşunlu Manastırı

  1. Your walking group looks a lot fitter than the one I join. Great pictures of the monastery

    • They are all very fit. There’s a large contingent from the University and some people who climb actual mountains. Sometimes we walk with a less formally organised group who are more mixed in ability. That is fun too!

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