Popping out for a bottle of wine

popping-out-for-a-bottle-ofAfter Wednesday market we decided to pop out to buy some wine.  We got the dolmuş up to Şirıince and went shopping.  To be honest, we are not great fans of Şirıince.  It is marketed heavily as a ‘typical Turkish village’ but typical Turkish villages do not, in our experience have streets lined with souvenir shops which provide very bad value for money.  Şirıince is, however, famous for its wines.  Mostly fruit wines which we don’t like.  On Wednesday, however, we gave in to the stall holders who constantly invite you to taste their wines.  We had heard that there was a Sauvignon Blanc being made (but we failed to find it).  We sampled wine at several stores before settling for a young, very dry white on special offer.  We got three bottles.

Then we walked home.  Home from Şirıince is pretty much downhill, anGrapes-at-Sirinced it took about two hours.  No autumn colour yet but the scenery was, as ever, beautiful.  And we think it was good practice for much wine drinking walking as the weather gets cooler into autumn.

4 responses to “Popping out for a bottle of wine

  1. I like the idea of wine tasting in walking distance.

  2. . . three bottles!!!! So restrained – now J and I feel like utter lushes!

    • We were on foot and only had a small rucksack… Don’t worry. We have plans. Hunting out village wines elsewhere to see if there are others we like. Then, when it is not cruise ship season, Şirıince is quiet(er) and they are more desperate for sales. We intend to return and bargain hard.

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