We have been adopted

Last year we had kittens on our roof.  We wrote a blog post about them.  We were determined to take them to the vet for ‘the chop’ as soon as they were old enough but one day, they just disappeared.

Mother with Beyaz and ButtonThis year, the mother is back.  Well, Hilary is convinced it is the same mother.  She is nursing four kittens (though they appear to be of different ages and we are not sure that they are all hers).  The first we called Woodpile Kedi  because he first appeared in a pile of wood that was outside the house opposite us for quite some time (until some other neighbours complained).  Then there was a white kitten and a tiny kitten (clearly the runt of the litter).  These have now become known as Beyaz Kedi and Button.  And another one.  Easy to confuse with Woodpile Kedi although he is smaller and has yellow eyes (Woodpile Kedi’s eyes are green) and different amounts of white on his paws.  This kitten is known as AWK.  And yes, we are pretty sure these kittens are all male.  In Hilary’s experience it is a lot easier to mistake a male kitten for a female than it is to mistake a female kitten for a male.

They are feral cats.  Mother frequently hisses at us when we have the temerity toAWK on the tablewalk down our path.  Woodpile and Beyaz won’t let us get near them.  We give them scraps and even cat food from time to time, there is always water left out for them.  All the kittens will come into the house when we are not looking.  None of them are permitted to sharpen claws on the kilims  Nor are they allowed to climb the suzani.  They are not allowed on laps or tables whilst we are eating.

AWK relaxing on Ashley's lapThese are feral kittens.    Button we can pick up as he is too small and weak to run away but AWK.  Well, AWK has adopted us.  He will sit on our laps whilst we are using the computer in the evenings, either in the house or on the terrace.  He seems to like the warmth.  And he resents it when we go out, comes running up to us when we return.  He jumps up on us, whether we have food or not and generally acts like a very tame and friendly pet.

AWK is off to the private vet’s for injections and deworming early next week.  The others will be taken to the Belediye for ‘fixing’ once they are old enough.  If we can catch them!

4 responses to “We have been adopted

  1. He’s lovely…they all are, but isn’t it strange that just one can be so tame compared to the others?

    • It is very strange. They all have distinct personalities, of course, but AWK never learned how to be properly feral. I suspect this will prove to be a positive adaptation.

  2. . . suckers!! (talking about the kittens ;-))

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