Lake Kovada National Park


Another reason for our trip to Eğirdir was to visit Lake Kovada.  It is difficult to get to without your own transport, but in our view well work the effort.  At what is the public entrance there are a few signs detailing what you might see,  birds, mammals including wild cats and wolves, and various trees and other plants.  We saw a lot of different ducks, tits and finches, heard a falcon, probably a peregrine, and some lizards.  As expected we did not see wild apex predators.  There is a marked walking trail through the forest, with many labeled trees and shrubs, a few marked side trails, a view point, and some spectacular views.  It was hard to get close to the waterbirds, but then nearby (and hopefully outside the park) there were humans shooting… Ducks probably.  At whole area is incredibly pretty, so we’ll let the photos tell the rest.


This was also the trip when the bike and our clothes got covered in tar and grit.  It is omgmostly off the bike now, it will never come out of the clothes.  A pity, but the park is wonderful.  Heading back to Eğirdir by a different route we were then treated with this wonderful view of mountains looking south towards Antalya and some wonderful riding on mountain roads.  A great day out and an area we will be returning to next year.  The view below was taken on the road toward Çandιr Kanyon somewhere we have yet to visit.


10 responses to “Lake Kovada National Park

  1. . . this is always a stop-off when we are in the area – we also stay at the very basic (and only) hotel on the hill down into Sutçuler – the owner does a wonderful chicken cooked in an upside-down cheese tin! The area also contains our secret ‘bolt-hole’ for the day mass tourism explodes or the cr*p hits the fan.

    • Well we will be going back so a hotel in Sutçuler may well be something to make use of, thanks for letting us know about this. We still have Çandιr Kanyon to explore and maybe find your secret hideaway…..

  2. Another place I’ve never been – thanks for the photos.

  3. It looks so natural and wild and it looks like there are some fantastic walks there. How long did it take to get there from Selcuk?

  4. Forgot to say, love the panaramic pics, really shows off the magnificent views

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