Zindan Cave – Into the Underworld

From our recent trip to Eğirdir.  Zindan cave is less an hour away from Eğirdir, near the village of Aksu.   It is not ticketed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism so Müze Kartlar are not accepted.  It is only a few lira, so no big deal and we were told we must wear one of the provided hard hats.

Like many caves in the area it has probably been inhabited or used for millennia but most of what is present in an archaeological sense is Roman and early Zindan-roman-bridgebyzantine.  A sanctuary to the goddess Eurymedon and later a chapel.  Outside of the cave in a fairly dramatic canyon is a restored Roman bridge, we may go back and do some walking in the canyon.

The cave is impressive, increasingly cold and damp the further you go in.  The accessible parts go in about 700 metres, no doubt it goes further but we were not about to attempt to delve deeper or try to find a labyrinth.  The public parts are illuminated.  Well worth a trip in our book.


4 responses to “Zindan Cave – Into the Underworld

  1. . . when we first went there there were no gates, no kiosk, no lights, in fact, no nuffink! The komando guys were abseiling down the cliff and our son was invited to join in – so no health and safety either! The canyon is pleasant enough and doesn’t extend too far – there are fish farms further up. There’s plenty to find around the area.

    • I think the local people have done a lot with a natural resource. There were quite a few visitors there when we went. And, of course, they do provide you with a super-elegant hard yellow hat. There is so much to see in the area that we will really have to go back.

  2. It’s worth a trip just to see hard hats being handed out.

    • They sit on a step but the guy taking money is very insistent that they be worn. As you can see from the picture of me in the ‘shower’, they are extremely elegant.

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