Pisidean Antioch


Ashley at Antioch

Whilst we were in Eğidir we took a trip to Antioch.  Which was impressive.  The journey there was quite hair raising as the Harley is not at all fond of gravel (the tar was on another day).  Also, when we got to Yalvaç we took quite a few wrong turnings before finding the site.  Which meant we missed finding the museum which is a pity in one way (because we hear it is very good) but a good thing in another way (because we will have to go back to Eğidir to see the things we missed).  It’s a sizeable site and soon swallowed up the handful of other visitors.

There are several places called Antioch.  The one in Isparta is Pisidian Antioch.  It has a very long history, having been inhabited since prehistoric times but what we could see stretched back most certainly to the Selucids.  There is an impressive Temple to the Emporer Augustus.  And a church where, it is claimed on site, St. Paul made his first preach.


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