Little Surprises in Life

Today Ashley started the process of getting new glasses since his old ones are more than two years old and we were pretty certain the  prescription had changed.  We went with staff from the Optician in Kuşadası to a local hospital for an eye test, and learnt that for some unknown reason our GSS (Health Insurance) was no longer in place.

We paid for the eye examination (at 100 lira it was not unreasonable).  It should have cost a lot less, but had we cancelled, gone to Tire to sort the insurance out, then back to Kuşadası, all the running around would have significantly eaten into any savings.

Back at the opticians we ordered the lenses, varifocal, transition, with anti-glare coating and scratch protection, at a very reasonable price.  They will be fitted, into Ashley’s existing Flexon frames, and should be ready for collection on Friday afternoon.  As part of the general customer service Ashley had his current lenses fitted into older frames, Hilary had hers adjusted and çay was provided.

Then since we were in Kuşadası  and it was approaching lunch time we went for balık ekmek in the much improved square near the fish market.  It was, as always, cheap and delicious.  We did look into the fish market just in case there might be some tuna or swordfish – unfortunately no such luck.  We did learn that the restaurant / locanta next to the fish market will cook fish bought by customers on the market.  There was a good deal of trade in giant prawns, selling and cooking.  Ashley may give this a try at some point.

We’d gone on the dolmuş in case the eye exam involved something that would make riding unwise but, once we got home with a few bits of shopping we hopped on the bike and went to the SGK office in Tire (about 35 km up the road in the opposite direction from Kuşadası).  Which was fun and games as it is market day in Tire and, of course, we couldn’t resist a couple of purchases.  Anyway, the people in the office were as puzzled as we were about why our insurance was suddenly stopped.  They checked our documents, took some photocopies, filled out a form, and  they reinstated it…

With all the issues we have had with GSS we will be checking in the pharmacy that we are both properly on the system, but they definitely did something, as we have now been able to pay our current premium.

8 responses to “Little Surprises in Life

  1. . . like you, we have had the odd glitch with the system. That said, when you consider the rapid changes and the inclusion of foreigners onto the programme, there has been little to complain about – we love it and are very happy to be allowed to be part of it all.

    • Oh, we’re really glad to be part of this system. And, for that matter, really glad we found out our insurance had been terminated over the small matter of an eye test (rather than over something less affordable). No one could work out why our cover was stopped – we’re guessing someone may have typed our Ikamet expiry in wrongly – because it should last as long as your Ikamet, or so I have been led to believe… (I really need an English equivalent of the miş /mış verbs here……)

  2. If your SGK had been working, would you have got a discount on the lenses? I only ask because I have to get some new lenses soon.

    • Apparently you can get 100 lira towards new glasses if you are registered on the system that supplies stuff like glasses and walking sticks. I haven’t got the impression that being on that register costs any more. It’s probably worth checking before you order the lenses!

  3. 100 TL off is correct, J had just that when she got her last pair.

  4. Well 100 TL off is worth having isn’t it. I’m registered as a Turkish pensioner so hopefully I’m on that register.

  5. I’m interested to know how much Ashley’s new lenses cost (you can message me on Facebook if you don’t want to put it here). Sometime in the future I will need the same type of lenses and have some frames that are comfortable so would want to use them. In fact, because of a previous bad experience with an eye test here, I would be very tempted to come over to Kusadasi to the optician you used.

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