Daily Archives: September 15, 2013

Wildlife not Nightlife

We’ve been home from Eğidir for well over a week and apart from saying that we were there and that we got tar all over the bike (still coming off, slowly) we haven’t really posted about it.  Which needs to be addressed.  We had several outings, each of which deserves a post of its own.  But Eğidir itself…  Well, it’s a place that we like and we certainly intend to return for a third visit.  And that is becoming a problem in that there are so many places we want to return to that we’re not sure how we can fit in exploring anywhere new.  But that’s a fun sort of problem to have.

It’s about a six hour run to Eğidir and, although a lot of the scenery is pleasant, not a lot of it is inspiring.  Until you get right up close to the lake.  Our trip out was uneventful apart from a small reprise of the problem with the immobiliser in Isparta – maybe it wasn’t the battery after all.  We were immobilised at a petrol station, got one of the guys there to phone a vehicle electrician, sat down for twenty minutes, tried the immobiliser again and, apologetically, cancelled the electrician.  Half an hour later we were unloading the bike outside our hotel.

We returned to the Şehsuvar Peace Pensıon where we were recognised and warmly greeted.  The son of the family was over from New Zealand (with his New Zealand wife) for a family wedding and it was good to meeting.  He is, as it so happens, a friend of some friends of ours here…

The town is peaceful.  So not a good choice if you want any nightlife.  But you can enjoy a beer by the lake and watch sunset and there are a couple of very good kebap restaurants in the main part of town.

We will be posting, in the future, about our trips to Antioch, Zindan Cave and Lake Kovada National Park, but, in the meantime, here is some of the wildlife we spotted on our roadtrip (and yes, the wild flowers are returning as summer draws on….)