Riding the Tractor

back-terrace-sept-13We spend a lot of our time sitting on our back house terrace.  It’s sheltered there, shady for a lot of the day in summer and protected from the worst of the wind and cold in late autumn and early spring.  The only issue is that our back terrace is very small.  Just about enough room for the two of us (unless both of us have a project which needs the table) and just about enough room for our breakfast (though it is a bit of a puzzle finding space for all the different dishes).  So Ashley has had this brilliant idea to extend the terrace – this will mean less steps but steeper ones.  It will also mean more tiles are needed.

We went into Kuşadası earlier in the week to look at tiles.  We only went to the big places Koç Taş and Tekzen (though there are many very fine looking smaller tile specialists in the town).  We were not impressed.  Nor could we match our present tiles.

So we consulted our neighbour who we believe did the original build.  He didn’t have a spare tile (nor did we) but he knocked a part tile off the stairs and took it to his builder’s merchant.  Who, he said, was able to match it.  We found out where this builder’s merchant is (it took a few tries and misunderstandings) and headed there early this afternoon.

Sure enough – they were able to match our tile.  We bought 12 square meters.  And went to collect it from the depo in a tractor (which then bought us home with the tiles, much to the amusement of our neighbours).

We are thought very odd for this.  We do not have an usta to advise us.  We have not bought the cement and adhesive and sand and grout or other supplies that we will need.  We are probably not going to have this work done till late in the autumn.  But, we have the tiles.  And they are the same tiles as we have on the terrace now (so we only need them for the new bits, and won’t have to have the whole terrace redone) but they match the tiles in the back house which pleases Hilary.  All that, plus a ride on a tractor at about two thirds of the cost of the cheapest tiles we saw in the big DIY shops…

4 responses to “Riding the Tractor

  1. . . you are lucky – our house was built 16 years ago now and when we had the hot water and heating system upgraded leaks appeared all over the place but always underneath tiles. 16 years is a lifetime in tile terms and now we have a bit of a patchwork where no match was available. We are too old to care these days and a rug is cheaper than a re-tile.
    Moral of the story: always have loads of spare tiles as you are bound to need them – if not in this life, then in the next!!

    • We inherited a lot of spare tiles – none for the roof terrace and none for the back house. Some of the spare tiles don’t match anything we can find anywhere at the moment. So we were very happy to find matching tiles at the local depo. We bought quite a few more than we think we’ll need for the project we have in mind, so spares…
      The tiles on the roof terrace (and the stairs leading up to it) are probably irreplaceable.. They are in imperial measurements. We have no idea why.

  2. What a wonderful piece of luck. That would be nearly neigh on impossible here.

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