Daily Archives: September 4, 2013

On Roads

Mostly the roads in Turkey are pretty good – no worse than in the UK.  So yeah, pot holes, speed bumps (not sponsored by the Lib Dems or Kwik Fit) and variable surfaces.  Roadworks can be a different matter.   Commonly on highways they close off a lane or a carriageway and get on with the work, often with minimal disruption to traffic flow.  On smaller roads it gets to be more fun…..  Or not.

Roadworks 1.  Motorcycles and loose gravel are not fun.   It is even less fun when the gravel is really loose and deep.  When the front wheel is sinking into the gravel, part way to the axle it is all bad.  When this happens on a bend, facing a ravine it is very bad.  But no harm done – beyond pride.

Roadworks 2.  It started as fun. We got flagged down, told to wait.  The work crew gave us tea, we let them sit on the bike and take photos.  It was all very pleasant.  We were told the surface was loose for 1 km, and a quick inspection mostly broken tarmac, bedrock, and thin loose gravel.  Not fun  but OK. Then, after they got the machinery off the road, we got the all clear.  True enough about 1 km of broken surface.  Then….  5 km of partly relayed surface, compacted and dampened down gravel and sand, not fun, but it was really well compacted so the surface stayed intact. Then, the next 5 km. They had sprayed wet tar on the same compacted surface and left it there to soak in and road vehicles to press it into the stone.

The end result….


This is the sand and gravel stuck onto the bike with wet tar.  Oh joy.  We got the surface dirt pressure washed off, so mostly now the tar to get off, made worse by the 6 hour trip home so now it is baked on.