Serpme Kahvaltı


Despite having been living in Turkey for just over two years now, we had not experienced a traditional ‘village breakfast’…  Well, that’s not strictly true, we did have one somewhere near Assos the year we rode the bike from London to Selçuk.  So, more accurately, we should say we had not had a ‘village breakfast’ since we moved to Turkey.

This morning we headed out with a couple of friends to view Anaia (currently under excavation by a crowd of very friendly archaeologists from Ege University).  We drove back home the pretty way, stopping off at Çoban Belen for tea or coffee.  The serpme kahvaltı, however, looked so good, that we were tempted to stay and indulge.  The view was also pretty good!



4 responses to “Serpme Kahvaltı

  1. . . having a few of these wonderful places scattered around to drop in on when traveling or needs must is essential – as is keeping them secret from too many ‘others’.

  2. This idea of “village breakfasts” seems to be spreading fast. I haven’t been to one yet either.

    • The one we visited also does gözleme and other lunchtime treats. But the gözleme lady was busily making bread on the sac and breakfast was what most people were eating. They did bring us an entire çaydanlık of tea, complete with a burner to keep it warm.

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