Would not happen in London

Well apart from having solar water panels which are pretty pointless for most of the year, plenty of hot water in the summer, when hot water is not required very much and very little in the winter….  One morning a week or so ago we noticed that water was flowing out of the top of the solar water unit.  This was cold water and Ashley had a vague idea that there was probably something like a ballcock regulating the water flowing into the system.  So, after a quick hunt for the right business card we phoned a local company that installs, maintains and repairs solar water systems.

We were told someone would be around in half an hour, this turned out to be an hour, but this really was not a big issue.  One of their staff lives across the road and it looked like they timed it to coincide with a tea break.  After being assured there was not an immersion heater in the system, (necessitating a dictionary to ensure we were all talking about the same thing), they drained some water and examined the interior.  Ashley was right, a broken ballcock, not so much broken, but half of it was missing.  This was replaced and everything connected back up.

The work took about 20 minutes.  The bill,  10 lira….  Less that £4.00.

In London.  75 quid call out, then labour, plus parts.  £100 minimum, probably more like £150.00.


8 responses to “Would not happen in London

  1. Buying furniture: in London – whew, six months minimum and then it’s mis-matched. in Turkey – we’ll deliver it free tomorrow, or this afternoon if you need to rush.

  2. I knew there was a reason (one of many) we love living here!

  3. For those of us that need a reason to live here – this is as good a one as any.

  4. We had a similar problem with our solar unit last year and one of the men from a company in Milas who installed it, happens to live in our village. He popped out and fixed it and didn’t charge anything. But I reckon 10 lira isn’t bad at all. There are certainly many advantages to living in this country.

    • Indeed. It’s like when the washing machine broke – sounded like Concorde on the runway. Taken away, new bearing fitted, fixed, cleaned, polished, returned, fitted, and the work guaranteed. In London it would have been time to get a new machine.

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