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Hilary’s Birthday in Methoni

Mythoni-beachAfter some debate we decided to head for Methoni.  It was a sensible distance from Olympia and it looked very pleasant on the internet.  We set off after an ‘interesting’ breakfast in Olympia (there was extra protein in the freshly squeezed orange juice but neither of us came to any harm), we set off.  Most of the riding was along fairly main roads, the scenery was pleasant but not spectacular.  We did miss a turning but a friendly local biker put us back on the right road.  In Greece we often found one sign pointing to where we were going but no ‘follow up’ sign (or, often a sign behind a tree or covered in graffiti).

Mythoni-Pilos-from-roadWe got some good views of Pilos from the road above and, just past Pilos we managed to get a photo of an interesting structure (though we never did find out what it was).  Pilos was, in fact, one of the places we had considered staying.  It is a lovely little town and, as you can see, there are plenty of ships in the harbour.Mythoni,-roadside-structure

Methoni is a charming small town.   Well, a village.  It has one small supermarket and a very good selection of bars, Taverna and hotels.  We grabbed a toastie for lunch then headed to the town beach where you don’t pay to hire sun loungers and a parasol (but you do get to buy a slightly over-priced drink or snack).  The sea was refreshingly cool and perfectly clear.  It was also full of tiny fish.

Mythoni-fortressWe walked along the beach to the Venetian fortress but didn’t really have time to explore it in any depth.

Later it was back to the bar for a couple of beers (we managed to find the bar where the ex-pats drink and, unsurprisingly, from overheard conversation, their concerns were similar to those of ex-pats here in Turkey).  Then across the road to our chosen Taverna where we had an excellent meal.  Including goat cooked in a terracotta pot with potatoes and onions…