peaches1Recently we have been eating on our roof terrace.  It’s just too hot inside and the back terrace table is not big enough to house dinner (we manage for breakfast and snacks).  As it is Ramazan and our roof is very overlooked, we do not eat until Iftar.  That’s currently around 20:40 here.

Yesterday, a neighbour called us over and passed a bowlful of peaches and apples from her orchard over the wall that separates our roof terraces.  Today, as a consequence, Hilary made a slightly unplanned cake.

Our neighbours were not on their roof tonight but, after dinner and taking out the bin, Hilary found them in their courtyard and handed over half a peach cake.  In return she got a plastic bag containing over a kilo (5) huge peaches.Peaches

And, the next morning, whilst we were discreetly eating breakfast on the back terrace, a neighbour from across the road, came round with more than a kilo of peaches.

That is how things are here.  Wonderful!

4 responses to “Peaches

  1. Annette newton

    How wonderful.wish I had some here.i was just thinking if you I’m making soup,I just know it won’t be the same as we made in Turkey!!!Are you pulping the peaches and freezing it as you would soup,I’m so envious of you having such nice food. And so heathy!!! X

  2. . . an abundance of riches and generosity – so normal here.

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