June – Photo of the Month

Because it is different.

We had gone from a walk on my birthday, through Ephesus in the early LibraryJuneevening.   The library was empty of tourists which is nice to see and rare, with the sun low behind it.  Sadly on our walk there were no tour guides giving amusing speeches to tourists, some of the things that tourists get told are wrong and funny. This said we were soon to discover an alternative source of amusement.

We were heading for the upper exit and then to the gozleme place at Seven Sleepers for food and beer when we encountered this spectacle.  Romans!  It was for guests of a cruise ship.  They had soldiers dressed up, with trumpets.  Tables with nibbles, wine, and so on.  There were staff, some in pretend roman garb, the ship captain in full formal whites, and guests, some in togas and gowns, all of whom had obviously paid a great deal of money for the event and live classical music.  The funniest bit was the female guests in pretend roman gowns, sleeveless, showing far too much flesh and leg to be anything other than what a Roman would consider only suitable for slaves.

I was too busy laughing to take more pictures.  So here, Romans…..

RomansMeanwhile back in Greece….


4 responses to “June – Photo of the Month

  1. . . blimy! They’ve even commodified history – there’s no hope!

    • I think they should have been taken to a party in Pompeii. The garments were more fitting and plied with enough wine…. Would have been a lot of fun.

  2. That does sound funny 🙂

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