Riding Round Chios

riding-along-in-ChiosThere has been a longish gap in our blogging activities because we have been on holiday in Greece.  We took the bike and had a fantastic time which will be forming the basis of many posts over the next few weeks.  We think it will take that long to sort our way through over 300 photos (many taken from the back of the bike).

So, this is episode one!

We had an easy ride down to Çeşme, arriving far too early for our ferry.  We had bbq2a snack lunch in a café near the port and waited for the port to open…  Our ferry was late arriving.  About an hour late.  We were met on the dockside by a friend and taken to a hotel in Karfaz, run by another member of the Chopper Riders’ Club of Chios.  It was his Name Day so we hardly had a chance to change out of our boots before being whisked off to a barbeque at the biker club.

Later that night we caught a very red moon shining over Çeşme.  We took pictures from our balcony.

coffee-in-olympiNext day we went riding with the Club.  We rode through Pyrgi which is famous for its decorated houses, and Hilary did manage to get a couple of pictures from the pillion.  Not easy when riding over cobbled streets!  We stopped for coffee (and huge quantities of sweet cakes and pastries) in another village called Olympi.  We got some photos there…

More countryside (the island is very beautiful, though they had a very severe forest fire last year which has left some obvious devastation), followed by a seafood meal on a beach.

We made a lot of friends on Chios and spent the evening sitting outside a restaurant, waiting for our ferry.  Many jokes were made about problems with that particular boat.  It came in a little late and we had a bit of trouble with our cabin (no key) sorted out after about an hour.  Our alarm went off at six thirty in what we thought was plenty of time to get ready to ride off.  It was plenty of time.  There had been a problem with the engine and the boat was slowed down for safety reasons.  We finally arrived in Athens soon after 11:00 – more than five hours late.  We could have had more sleep but, by the time they announced the delay, we were too full off coffee!

Yes, we were in Greece, there was coffee…

We intend to return to Chios at some time, preferably with the bike.  We made a lot of friends there and we have only seen a small part of this fascinating island.


8 responses to “Riding Round Chios

  1. Annette newton

    It sounds just fab love the photos.see you on Sunday looking forward to it x

  2. An endless holiday Ashley. Count yourself fortunate…..!

  3. Snap – I’m off to Greece on Sunday so I’ll follow your posts even more closely than usual

    • It was fabulous, though expensive. You will find that for many things – remove the Lira sign add the Euro sign, and given the exchange rate…..

  4. . . just got home and catching up on stuff – as you were writing this I think I was kneeling and dribbling in front on my nephews R1 Yamaha! Jeez, that thing even changes it’s engine configuration at the turn of a switch!

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