Local Wildlife

We would not wish to speak too soon but this year appears to be mosquito lite.  Either that or we are becoming less attractive to them.  We have been bitten – yes, but not as much as we were last year (or as we used to be when we came here on our holidays).  The Belediye mosquito spraying truck comes round every evening at about nine, we have a plug in mosquito killer in the bedroom (which we sometimes forget to use) but neither of us has been using the deet…  There don’t seem to be as many flies as last year either.  Or maybe we have just learned to deal with them.

We do see plenty of wildlife though.   We saw a little pink gecko on the wall of the front house last week.  We see plenty of jumping spiders.  The swallows have bred successfully and like to sit on the wire that brings electricity into our house.  They peer down at us with a curious air.  The young storks are practicing – jumping up and down in their nests and exercising their wings.  We’ve not seen any take off… yet.  Maybe we are looking in the wrong direction.  At night bats fly in and out of the shelter on our balcony.  Green shield beetles bombard us as we sit and read.  We see plenty of other beetles (thankfully, to date, no cockroaches).

And a few days back, we found this splendid specimen in our flower bed…  Well, on our solar powered lamp that sits in the flower bed.




14 responses to “Local Wildlife

  1. Beautiful pattern, can’t say i’ve ever noticed the detail before- i shall be sure to look more closely in future.

    • We’re not actually sure what species this is. We don’t have an insect field guide… We’re assuming it’s mimicking some kind of wasp so that birds are less inclined to eat it.

  2. Annette newton

    Morning,love the pics and interesting read.im getting bitten at the moment and seem to get a reaction to them.see you soon

  3. . . it’s a type of Mordellidae – can’t give you an exact ident. Common English name is Tumbling Flower Beetles on account of their behavior when disturbed. The family contains the likes of the Blister Beetle and Spanish Fly and many of them emit some very unpleasant substances which you don’t want to get on your skin. They also have a complicated, three-stage development process each of which is parasitic on other insects. Isn’t nature fascinating?

  4. Well I was just going to say that your mosquitoes have flown over here because I am being bitten very badly this year…but then noticed that Hilary has been bitten now. I hate them. I can cope with most insects and flying creatures, but mozzies are evil!

    • Well, both of us can react quite badly to mosquito bites. And Hilary does get bitten throughout the year on one level or another… They seem to be attracted to certain blood groups.

  5. Gosh what amazing beetles those are! Am v impressed that Alan knows what they are!!! So far, no mozzies in Istanbul 🙂

  6. Nice little observations……

  7. We’ve got masses more mossies than last year. Do you want some of them back?

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