Busy doing nothing

Well, we haven’t posted a blog for a while.  We’ve been busy doing things that, quite honestly, are not specific to Turkey.  Well, we’ve been taking another course of Turkish lessons and those are going well.  Hilary thinks she has just booked the bike in to Izmir for a check-up tomorrow…  The English speaking lady did not come to the phone.

We’ve been planning a forthcoming road trip (which will, doubtless, generate many blog posts and photographs, though we have no means of getting pictures from the cameras to the internet whilst we are away since we left our cables in Ayvalık).

We’ve been following the news as closely as we are able.  (As evidence, Hilary scored 7/7 in the BBC News Quiz of the week for the first time ever).  And we’ve been getting on with day to day life (cooking, eating, meeting up with friends).  Not to mention continuing with hobbies which, now we are settled, take up more and more of our time.

Who said retirement was boring?


10 responses to “Busy doing nothing

  1. . . leading a balanced life? Goodness me, whatever next!!

  2. I don’t know why people think retirement is boring. My days go so fast and I don’t even have time for hobbies

    • What continues to amaze us is how when we were working we managed to find time for hobbies, or put another way before we retired how we found time for work.

  3. It all sounds like an ideal life; having time for friends and hobbies – I’m hoping to join the retirement life in the next couple of years. Till then Ill keep reading your blog to remind me what have to look forward to.

    • Stepping off the work routine has been very much of a release. Time seems to move at a different pace, we guess because there is less pressure on it.

  4. Sounds good to me!!

  5. Retirement is when you have lots of things to do, as opposed to lots of things other people want you to do.

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