Bergama (Pergamon) Photos

These are from our trip last month to Bergama, before the events in the news right now.  Like many sites in Turkey there is on going work, archaeological and in infrastructure.  To our surprise a cable car has been built from the car park just out of town on the way up the acropolis hill up to the site entrance.  Not in our view strictly necessary.

The acropolis is pretty impressive dominated by the massive Roman structure, the Temple of Trajan.

Bina Z is fascinating.  An insight into how a house was used over time, and some quite remarkable Roman mosaics, and domestic decorations.  It is well presented, clearly defining what is Roman, and what is reconstructed.  Bina Z is part way down the hill and fairly well signposted. We were there for about an hour, no other tourists visited despite there being many on the acropolis, the official looking after the place seemed surprised that people had made their way there and offered us tea.  In our view Bina Z is not to be missed, and unlike the Terrace Houses at Ephesus there is no additional charge to enter.


4 responses to “Bergama (Pergamon) Photos

  1. . . to our shame we missed Bina Z as well – mind you, the heavens opened just after we arrived and it was torrential. We and a few other tourists were jammed next to the ticket office desperately trying to avoid the worst of it. Oh well! next time.

  2. I must re-visit. I’m sure this building wasn’t open when I last went.

    • When we last visited (2009) we got the impression it had only just opened. That time we only found it by accident because we decided it would be interesting to walk down the hill from the Acropolis.

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