Camaşir makinesi yeni gibi

Of course we are concerned about events.  Events here in Turkey, events in Syria, the health of Nelson Mandela and so on.   For us and others life goes on.  The day to day routine, work, dealing with what life throws our way.

Our washing machine was getting very noisy.  We knew there was a problem but had been ignoring it.  More recently it started to sound more like a jet taking off, loud enough that our neighbours commented on it, they asked if there was a problem with it.  Suitably shamed we decided the washing machine really needed to be properly assessed as either on its death bed or in need of life-saving attention.

There is a place in town which has loads of old washing machines outside, and obviously repairs and maintains them, so we dropped by and explained the problem.   They took our address and phone number, and said they would call in about an hour.  We rapidly did a bit of shopping and hurried home, only just in time, they arrived minutes after us.  They looked at the washing machine, pronounced it alive but in need of repair.  They said it needed a new ‘kazan’.  We nodded knowingly and later, looked it up in the dictionary.  It means cauldron.  They told us they needed to take the machine  away to investigate further, beyond the obviously worn out bearings.

We had a phone call an hour or so later saying it would be back with us in the evening, and quoting a very reasonable price.  Sure enough that evening the washing machine was returned, cleaned, polished and looking like new.  They fitted it, ran it to show us how quiet is was, explained we should run lemon salt through it at times to keep the pipes open.

Later our neighbours asked if we had bought a new washing machine.  No, Hilary said, but it is like new.

2 responses to “Camaşir makinesi yeni gibi

  1. Great that you managed to get it repaired rather than having to buy a new one. I do find that electrical goods here don’t last as long as they ought to. Our fridge has been very noisy for a few months and I think it’s on it’s last legs.

    • Cannot really complain since the machine is over 6 years old. With new bearings hopefully it will last a long time. Everything else seems pretty OK, so assuming the limescale does not block the pipes we look forward to some problem free years.
      We had a fridge in the UK which was very noisy (as fridges go) but it lasted and lasted. We think here, limescale can kill appliances pretty quickly as can the power supply especially during storms or when some idiot attempts to wire into the mains.

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