Bergama Asklepion

Life goes on.

A hospital, a spa, a wellness centre.  Somewhere to relax and recover from the stress of life.  Greek and Roman style.

It remains a peaceful place, quiet by the standards of some other sites.  We saw wheatears, nuthatches, jays, agama, and a few tourists.  The wildlife was not too keen to allow us close enough for decent photos, but we tried.

6 responses to “Bergama Asklepion

  1. . . it’s a delightful place and pretty spread out too.

    • It was really nice to go back to Bergama after a few years. The cable car was a surprise and gave some good views on the way up to the acropolis. . .

  2. We visited Bergama twice and definitely was surprised how huge it was! Love seeing all those ancient ruins in Turkey!

  3. I’ve not been there for 30 years, you have reminded me of how beautiful it is. Ildir, Erythrae, is just on the Karaburun Peninsular, well worth going to see; much, much smaller, but has magnificent views as you walk up the hill through the old stone village.

    • Another place to put on the list!
      Bergama is sensational. The mosaic museum is fairly new – we first visited in 2009 when it had only just opened.

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