Current Events

We are sure many, if not all, reading this are aware of recent events in Turkey.

The news here has been sporadic at times, often better reported on BBC and Al Jazeera.  We also have local and national coverage of varying quality, and of course there is the social media.  When it started Facebook was behaving very oddly, but this seems to have stopped.

We have friends and others here who have written about events, posted about events, shared events.  Some of these are Turkish, some not.  We are not going to comment at length, we are not going to make judgements.  Obviously it is concerning to see the events, to see images of the injured.

There have been protests here in Selçuk.  These seem to have been peaceful, with no significant police presence.

We would express the hope that all protests pass off peacefully and that restraint be exercised.  We are saddened and concerned to see and hear that violence continues against protests which even some in the government seem to suggest are legitimate.


8 responses to “Current Events

  1. Annette newton

    Lets hope that every thing will be peaceful soon.

  2. Twitter has been my main source of Turkish news for the past 5 days! 🙂 Glad to hear things have been peaceful in your neck of the woods. Hopefully things will improve and some changes will be made at least.

  3. I suppose we should be grateful that blogger, twitter and FB weren’t shut down. The temptation must have been there.

  4. We’ve had a fair amount of news about it in England. Lots of footage of the police and their style of crowd management.

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