Magnesia – there’s more

We have been away, have loads of photographs to work through, and the photo of the month for May to think about, so right now we have a few posts being planned.  For now, we recently got these from a visit to Magnesia, a rarely visited site with a fabulous Stadium, and some other really nice bits.  We thought the toilet was particularly good, better than the one at Ephesus, and the friezes from the Library are really good quality, none of which we had previously managed to get good photos of.


4 responses to “Magnesia – there’s more

  1. . . the friezes are something else passed by the place several times, must take the time and turn in next time.

    • It’s worth walking up to the Stadium. Also, a lot of the fine carving is in the new(er) museum at Aydin – the one across the road from Aydin Forum.

  2. Such skill, made with absolute precision – beautiful original art.

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