Stone Houses

DSCN4010We have just got home from a short stay in Ayvalık.  Despite our recent ‘discovery’ of Datça, Ayvalık remains one of our favourite haunts for a quick gettaway.  On this occasion we stayed in a very charming hotel on Cunda (Alibey) island.  Which is not, actually, quite an island, being connected to the mainland by a bridge and a causeway.

Our hotel was on a cobbled street (yes, we did get the bike up and down it safely) surrounded by beautiful stone houses in various states of renovation.

We did look, very seriously, at moving to Ayvalık.  It is a wonderful place with loads of advantages and, in the end, we decided on Selçuk.  We think we made the right decision, but we do like to visit Ayvalık from time to time – to eat fish, drink beer and wander round the wonderful market.

And now we’ve found we left the little bag with the mouse, camera leads and phone charger etc. at the hotel…  At least we cannot find it.  This is not a habit we need to get into.


8 responses to “Stone Houses

  1. Annette newton

    Oh no,can’t offer to help this time,will they post to you.nice sun today but for how long for.oit soon 25th soon go. Hope to see you soon x

  2. . . it’s an age thing!

  3. Join rhe club – I leave something everytime I travel – soon I won’t have anything left to lose.

  4. Hi there! We love Ayvalık too, it’s a great place to go for lunch! PS have lost not 1 but 2 pairs of specs in the last couple of months :((

    • We are good at checking that we have our specs…. Ashley can’t really ride the bike without them and Hilary (who can’t wear the good ones on the bike so changes into cheap sunglasses) has not lost hers yet! She did once leave a pair in a bar in Cork, got them back a year later and then almost immediately left them on a plane…

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