Baked Helva

We are currently relaxing in Ayvalık, one of our favourite haunts for a short break.  We’ve been to Bergama, eaten fish dinners on the sea front at Cunda, and generally relaxed.  Tomorrow is Ayvalık market which is fabulous and great fun.  There will be pictures and more when we get home and don’t have to work on the tiny netbook.  But for now….

Yesterday as dessert we were served helva.  This is fine, we like helva.  But this was baked in an oven, it melts and forms a chewy crust on top, was then sprinkled with chopped nuts.  Absolutely delicious.  So, a question.  Has anyone else come across this dessert?

6 responses to “Baked Helva

  1. Annette newton

    No but I know who would like that. Ha ha. Hope you ok awful weather here x

  2. It is delicious, we’ve had it in a cafe on the main road going into Odemis (during the winter – a substantial dessert), and eaten at a cafe in Dikili , just off the market there.

  3. My husband’s favourite way of eating helva. I like it melted over some sliced peaches.

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