Local ruins

The last couple of Ashley-at-ClarosFridays, after our Turkish lesson, we’ve ridden out to nearby archaeological sites.  We are so fortunate to be living on top of so much history.  In this area, you only have to scratch the surface to reveal a bit of antiquity.

The first trip was out to Claros.  We went as much for the wildlife as for the ruins Flowers-at-Clarosand we did have some luck with bird watching (though we don’t have the equipment to get photographs).  The oracle is still deeply under water and the reed beds are a real haven for frogs, turtles and birds.  We did manage to see the Little Bittern, we had been told about these, there is probably a pair.

This week we went to Magnesia.  We were hoping to see raptors, but didn’t have stinky-plantmuch luck.  We did see a whole load of Dracanculis vulgaris which are as dramatic as they are common (round here) and smell faintly of carrion.  We didn’t visit the Theatron this time but saw plenty of small frogs on the main site and spent some time poking round the stadium, trying to read the many inscriptions.  These mainly say ‘place of xxxxxx guild’ and trying to read the xxxx’s is a lot of fun.  We did find the butcher’s guild (which we’d been told about) but failed to make out anything else.  Probably as much to do with our failure at ancient Greek as it is to do with the wear on the inscriptions.

We will have to try harder.



3 responses to “Local ruins

  1. . . like you I love these places more for the flora/fauna than the stones – this one looks like it would be interesting on both scores.

  2. So many historical hidden cems in turkey. Last year I went to Sagicik and Teos; a beautiful trip – you have to walk through some fields to get to Teos.

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