Daily Archives: May 24, 2013

Hidden Extras

Gone are the days when our idea on getting a flight was to work out when we could escape work and hit the nearest airport.  Almost invariably Heathrow.  These were the days when timing and convenience were the most important factors.  Flights to Turkey were with BA and THY.

It is different now.  We are no longer constrained by work schedules and demands, and cost has become far more of an important factor.  So this week we started to look at options for a visit to the UK and Ireland in October.  Trawling ebookers and various airlines for the best deals, all the usual suspects, Pegasus, Easyjet, Monarch, Sun Express, Thomas Cook and a quick comparison with THY, BA and Lufthansa.  Lufthansa actually had some fairly good deals into Heathrow, but we no longer have a need to use Heathrow and the return departure was at some stupid hour in the morning which would have meant a hotel in the Heathrow area or a taxi which would have cost as much as a hotel.

This is always the issue with cheap flights, especially the budget airlines.  Arriving at Stansted at 23.45 or departing from Gatwick at 06.00 rapidly results in expenses which can more than wipe out any savings.  It is also worth checking for the other added costs, baggage, insurance, not printing your own boarding cards, and so forth.  We spent quite a while working through the various prices of flights, the hidden extras, and the additional costs of transport or accommodation to fit with departure and arrival times.

In the end we got what we needed, potentially with transfer costs from home to Adnan Menderes, but these are not unreasonable and a lot less than the alternatives.  This time to the UK and back with Pegasus, which at least means we can go shopping in the UK and not worry too much about weight.  Unlike some budget airlines, like the one we are using between the UK and Ireland, Pegasus include hold baggage up to 20 kilos in the ticket price.