Furnishing the roof

new-furniture-for-roofWhen we bought this place we inherited wood furniture on the roof terrace.  It was in need of repainting, which we did in the hope winter would not kill the chairs.  We were overly optimistic, and the time and effort painting was wasted.  Winter killed the wooden armchairs.

We have been looking for replacements for a month or so, but it is early in the season and not a lot of garden and patio furniture was around.   It is May now, so on our way back from Izmir having had the bike fixed we stopped at a bamboo furniture place in Torbalı and poked around their stock.  They had just what we needed and we were quoted a very reasonable price.

We discovered this price included cushions and were shown various fabrics.  Most were bright, flowery, and really not to our taste.  Fortunately they had some striped fabric options one of which was much more to our taste.  We were asked a few times if we were sure, the sales people clearly thought we should have bright flowery fabric.  All the cushions we were shown also came with frills, we did consider asking not to have frills but they would probably have thrown up arms in absolute horror and not believed us.

We settled on the price and were told everything would be delivered on Sunday or Monday.  Sunday passed.  Monday lunchtime we phoned, were told they would be coming in the evening.  By 9pm we had given up hope and resigned ourselves to waiting another day or so.  Then we got called and told they were on their way.  Half an hour later we got another call, this time from the delivery driver who was lost in Selçuk.  We managed to work out where he was, met him, and by around 10pm we had our new furniture for the roof terrace.

Just in time really, the weather is getting lovely in the evenings.


8 responses to “Furnishing the roof

  1. It looks lovely. And as you say just in time. I managed to find some seat cushions in Carrefour yesterday in a very muted non-patterned fabric…quite a shock! They only had one packet of four so I snapped them up. The rest of course were the usual awful bright flowery ones.

    • We saw some tolerable cushions in Kuşadası Koçtaş this afternoon but, mostly, we buy them from Ikea (where they are cheaper and plain)… Now I have the machine I should be able to re-cover them anyway, the plainish stripey canvassy fabric seems to be readily available.

  2. . . reminds me of the delivery of our first washing machine here. On the promised day we had given up and gone to bed – at twenty to midnight we were awoken by a flashing torch and a diddly-dum truck horn. They were as good as their word – delivered on the day promised and up and running within fifteen minutes of the following day! Burasi Turkiye!

    • Clearly it is never too late for a delivery. The truck that bought our chairs still had plenty left to deliver. The driver got very, very lost trying to find our house and was clearly frustrated by this. He pointed out every wrong turning he had taken as I directed him to ours… I hope this didn’t push his subsequent deliveries to ‘next day’ status.

  3. Güle güle kullan – I like the stripy cushions.

  4. A lovely place to relax with great views too. Is that Selcuk Castle at the top of the hill in the background, or is my imagination running away with me?. We’ve still got cold weather with low grey clouds here, there’s no way we could enjoy sitting out yet.

    • That is, indeed, Selçuk castle. Currently illuminated at night. We’re hoping that the new building across the road doesn’t get any taller for a while.

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