Small World

Our trip to Datça was initially marred by the bike not starting.  We ended up getting the bus, or three to be more precise, one to Aydın, then to Marmaris and then onward to Datça.  It is not a hard or long journey, but was not what we had planned.

Once there we booked into a hotel, a pleasant place right on the cordon.  An apartment rather than a room, so we had loads of space.  We’d go to the same hotel again, stay a bit longer, make use of the facilities, but this time we only had two nights so the apartment did not get a lot of use, especially since the rate included a free and rather good breakfast.

Onto our surprise.   We’d  booked in, gone for a quick stroll, and were approached by a friend asking what we were doing here.  It was a real shock to see him.  He and his wife live in Fiji for the northern hemisphere winter months and mostly here in Turkey for the summer.  They had arrived in Turkey on this day, into Marmaris from Rhodes.  Travelled to Datça on the bus before us, which we had missed by 15 minutes.  Booked into the same hotel as us, were offered the same room but chose another.

beerstopWe shared the car charter to Knidos which made it much more affordable and fun for everyone.  We spent quite a lot of time chatting and catching up with each other, over beer, over food, including at this lovely spot on the way back from Knidos.  There will be more time to catch up later in summer when they are in Selçuk, but it really was a lovely surprise.

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  1. . . small world indeed!

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