Artichokes, Broad Beans and Preserved Lemon

This is a very non-Turkish recipe taken from Claudia Roden and, as usual, vaguely adapted.  Preserved lemons are not generally used here in Turkey, are much more of a north Afrıcan thing.  The artichokes are finishing here now and the broad beans are starting to get too big for this recipe.  But we will be enjoying it again next year!

It starts with half a kilo of broad beans and two large artichokes.  Tartichokehe broad beans need to be big enough to be podded but not so big that they need their inner skins removing.  You pod the broad beans.  You reduce the artichokes to the bottoms (or hearts or whatever you call the ediblebroad-beans bits), cut those into sensibly sized pieces and put them in lemony water.  Slice up a quarter of preserved lemon peel (I can’t find this in Turkey – I make it myself).

Then you heat some good olive oil in a pan with a teaspoonful of cumin/jeera/kimyon.   Throw in the beans and the artichoke bits, stir them in the oil for a minute or so then almost cover with water, ram on a lid and simmer for about 40 mins.  The peel goes in towards the end (though I have put it in at the beginning with no discernible ill effect). The timing is not critical as long as the artichoke is tender and the beans are not burned.

It is not particularly photogenic but it is delicious.


4 responses to “Artichokes, Broad Beans and Preserved Lemon

  1. All my favourite ingredients

  2. . . preserved lemons are common in this corner of the world as is Sour Chicken – Ekşili Tavuk where they are used in quantity. Delicious dish!

    • We’ve never found preserved lemons here. And it’s probably easier to make them ourselves than transport them. We use them a lot with chicken. Sadly ours have nearly gone and the next lot won’t be ready for a couple of weeks.

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