Daily Archives: April 29, 2013

Mount Latmos

Above the villages of Kapıkırı and Gölyaka towers Beşparmak Dağı (Five Fingered Mountain), Mount Latmos to the Greeks and Romans, a massive peak of pinkish granite.  Part way up the mountain is an abandoned monastery along with some religious rock paintings.  We took a trip there with two friends picking up the trail and a guide from Gölyaka.  The guide is not really necessary to find the monastery the path is well marked and a branch off the Carian Way (under development), a long distance footpath.  Finding the rock paintings might be more difficult without a guide though they are only a few hundred metres from the monastery.

It is a fairly easy walk, with some spectacular views, both of the mountain and Lake Bafa below, and of various fascinating rock formations.  We were there for other reasons as well, but more on those later.