Old stones and moving stones

The weather is lovely, warm and sunny, so we got out on the bike today.  On our travels I saw a couple of rocks on the road, well I thought they were rocks until priene4it became apparent that they were moving.  Tortoises are not rocks, and not that good at crossing roads at any pace.  We also saw a Hoopoe our first of the year, and off the bike on our wanders, we came across this lizard.

We ended up at one of our favourite sites just as a couple of tours were leaving so had the place pretty much to ourselves.  The Athena temple is rather over photographed, but the setting spectacular.  We really like the theatre, it is a proper theatre, unlike many which were (ruined) adapted by Romans to suit their somewhat less artistic tastes.


4 responses to “Old stones and moving stones

  1. I’ve got a few tortoises in my garden that I rescued from the road 20 years ago. One had a cracked shell which mended with a distinctive scar so I always recognise him.

    • Sadly we don’t really have a garden or we would rescue tortoises. I don’t think they would survive at our place – not enough grass or dandelions to nibble.

  2. . . the lizard is a Starred Agama

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