All Spruced Up

One of the tasks we had put off for a while was having the outside of the houses painted.  There really was no point in this until the basement was turned into a garage / work space, and the roof terrace lined with marble.  So finally, with all the other work done it was time to take this on.  We could have done it ourselves, but it would have been a big task, involved ladders, working at height (which we covered recently), and getting covered in paint.

When we had the basement converted the people who made and fitted the iron work offered to do painting, so we gave them a call.  They came round, looked at the work needed, came back with a painter who did some rough measuring and came up with a price for the work plus paint and bits.  We could have bought the paint ourselves but it was a lot of paint and easier to let someone else carry it all.

Two days later it was all done, all we had to do was provide tea.  The painter did an excellent job and managed not to get paint everywhere.  Today we cleaned up, put things back in place.  It all looks really good, freshly decorated, just like the castle for today’s public holiday.



10 responses to “All Spruced Up

  1. Looks fab! We need to do the outside of our house. Mike and I painted half the house and garage a year ago. We have been waiting since then for 3 consecutive dry days to finish the job (2 to dry the house and the third to paint) It happened once in September but we were committed to go somewhere that day. Still waiting…. Aren’t you glad you not in Ireland?!

    • Well, so many of our friends are in Ireland that we can’t be entirely delighted we are not there… However, we do prefer the weather where we are. Our total rainfall is the same as Dublin’s but it all happens in the winter. Our next shower is forecast for May 5th but that’s a long way away and it might not happen!

  2. . . flags everywhere then? Burası Türkiye!

  3. Annette newton

    Your house looks so nice,really very Turkish,not like ours,but with not living here its the best way.x

  4. Looks absolutely fabulous Alan, very rustic and charming

  5. Looks a good courtyard for overwintering pot plants. I should send you mine.

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