Bodrum Trip

We had the bike serviced and new parts fitted which is in some ways a tale of its own:  We got some parts in the UK, had these all fitted in Izmir along with a full service and the whole lot for less than half what a service would have been in the UK.  We are not going to be complaining about this, they even found a bit of bling from somewhere added it and did not charge.  It took them a while but that just gave us a chance to wander around in Izmir.  Wonderful.

So Bodrum was the first real run of the year.  It is just over 3 hours to Bodrum along massively improved roads.  There are still some road works around Bafa Lake but these are nothing compared to the dirt track it was last year.

Bodrum is expensive compared to Selçuk, but then it is an upmarket resort. Unlike some places Bodrum is pretty open this time of year, well before season really starts, although the rather lovely pension we booked into had only just opened for the year.  We did the expected things, a bit of shopping, fish dinner, had beer on the beach, and caught the sun a bit – the weather for the whole trip was warm and sunny.  We met with Annie from Back to Bodrum, and the dog, it was good to chat over tea and a beer, it had been a year since we last met, the dog was not as entertaining as Jack.

There were no problems with the bike, this is good, whatever was causing the starting problems has now been resolved.   Now we are ready for longer trips and starting to plan these.


4 responses to “Bodrum Trip

  1. . . not much anyone could add to that 🙂

  2. The dog’s not very good at writing either. Jack come back!

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