On Saturday our plan was to ride around the Bodrum peninsula, looking at all the pretty little fishing villages…  We got to Gumuşluk is, indeed, very pretty.  There’s quite a bit of development there but, due to the presence of archaeologists at ancient Myndos, it’s not excessive.  Anyway, it was only just opening up…  The roads were in a terrible state of repair (uncomfortable on the bike) and, after wandering round for an hour or so, we changed our minds about our itinerary and set off for Iassos.

Iassos is impressive.  The site is spread across the hillside and is very accessible (if you don’t mind a lack of paths and the odd stray cow).  There was a man at a hut come ticket office but he was not interested in issuing tickets or trying to take money, he simply waved us through.  Dotted around the site there are notices telling you about Iassos, but these are quite faded and difficult to read.  One of the notices explained that a lot of the marble facings were taken away by the Byzantines and ‘repurposed’ in Istanbul – who knows what else is missing?

There has been very little restoration which, frankly, we prefer.  We particularly liked the theatre – it has some wonderful views down over the bay and across towards the large new development on the opposite hillside.  Great for the local economy (if it takes off) but, when we visited, it was market day in a sleepy little fishing village.   We would suggest you go soon, if you want to see it that way!


14 responses to “Iassos

  1. . . aren’t sites splendid when they are like this – selfish enough to love the ‘no people’ bit!

    • We do like the abandoned places. And the little villages without too much development (always nice if there’s a place a woman can sit and drink tea). Still working on identifying the wild flowers we saw…

  2. I didn’t realise you had made a trip over to Bodrum until I noticed on FB that you were back home. I would have suggested you pop in for coffee on your way through. Maybe next time xx

  3. annette newton

    Is it still ok for tomorrow 10 30 same place hope you had a good time see you soon x

    Sent from my iPad

  4. annette newton

    Sent from my iPad is it still ok for 10 30 tomorrow same place,hope the rain stays off,thought I’d messages you this morning but is isn’t showing in sent box for some reason. Sorry if you have received it twice .

  5. I don’t know why the roads have suddenly been dug up. Sorry I should have warned you, but they were OK a couple of weeks ago. Glad you enjoyed Iassos.

  6. I adore these places that are untouched they definitely have much more atmosphere about them. I recently visited Ayakanda near Finike – totally abandoned and stunningly beautiful. Wonderful photos you have taken..

    • Another place for our list… Is Ayakanda hard to find? We have noticed a lot of signposts have been placed recently, but to get to some places you need someone who knows the way…

  7. Annette newton

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