Much ado about nothing

I sometimes wonder if we should find a new focus for this blog.  We started around the time we moved out of our flat in Northolt (because we had sold it).  We wrote about our  move to Selçuk, our adventures with bureaucracy and buying our new home.  We wrote about all the surprising and mostly wonderful things about daily life here.  We wrote about our travels, our walks, the wonderful food, the scenery….

We’ve not been here in Selçuk for two years yet (though we’re getting close).  We know we have a lot more to learn about this country, its culture and, especially the language.  But day to day life has become more…. Well, quotidian, day to day, routine.  Not boring.  There is always something to see here, but there’s a limit to the number of times we can blog about the storks wheeling overhead, the wonderful smell of orange blossom and wisteria (even though it makes us sneeze) and the concrete pump coming back to put another layer of concrete into the ever-rising house across the street.  We could moan that it’s likely to block our view of the castle when it’s finished, but our neighbours need a bigger home and having good neighbours is more important than having a good view of the castle.  As long as we can see some hills, the swallows and plenty of sky we shall be content.

So, our life has become more routine and we have found time for our hobbies, both old and new, which do take up a lot of our time.  One of the advantages of being retired is that we have so much more time for our hobbies.

But so much less to blog about.  Unless we go walking or travelling and we don’t do that every day.

10 responses to “Much ado about nothing

  1. Well you’re on your way to Bodrum so that’s something to write about. Lets meet up for a drink.

    • We hope to have something to write about our trip and would love to meet up again! Apparently I will be taking photographs from my pillion position all along the way and we hope to call in on Iassos on the way home.

  2. Keep blogging, love to read of the simplicity of life you have acquired. 🙂

  3. . . unless you’re out to earn your stripes or make a (partial) living from blogging then write when you feel like it. There are obviously folks out here who enjoy reading what you have to say when you want to say it and I would guess we’re all subscribed one way or the other. Be relaxed, get the sun on your back and the wind in your hair and enjoy doing whatever you choose 🙂

    • Thanks Alan. You are right. One of the great things about being here and being retired is having the time to appreciate and enjoy the little things in life. This and being away from the demands of work, the time management and the pressure.
      Blogging full time would be like stepping back into work. Been there, done it, got the T-shirt. Not doing it again.

  4. I can’t work out how to email you my mobile number. If you email me yours on I’ll send you mine so you can let me know when you are heading my way.

  5. it doesn’t matter what you write, in the words of Nike – just do it!:). What may seem mundane to you is always a treat for us to read and to see how your life is going. I am new to the blogging world, however I am surprised how close nit and friendly the blogging world is in Turkey – like friends that are yet to be met!..So please, no matter what it is just write it and people will read and enjoy believe me 🙂

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