Seasonal Fruits

What-we-got-from-marketIt is becoming hard to find good oranges.  The apples are no longer looking up to very much.  The spring fruit has not really got going yet.   It is that difficult time when the autumn and winter fruit is finishing and we are waiting for the spring fruit. There are strawberries but in another month or so they will be so much better, right now they do not taste of much.  We have seen melon and watermelon but these are imported, expensive and probably not that good.  There are local green almonds but neither of us are fans.

At least there are good local bananas and kiwifruit.

There are workmen across the road, building a new house.  Next door to them has a plum tree.  The fruits are tiny, green and probably very acid.  The builders are helping themselves, the Turks seem to really like unripe plums.   Our wild-asparagusneighbours have not as yet noticed the scrumping.

This weekend we managed to find some really nice apples.  The tomatoes are starting to become good enough to eat fresh rather than just fit for cooking with.  More varieties of beans are appearing, the peas remain wonderfully sweet but are finishing.  We are no longer on the limited selection of winter vegetables.

One of the joys of seasonal foods is seeing the first summer courgettes, the first baklapeas and broad beans.  And hopefully soon the first cherries.  We never really know what we’ll find on market until we go, sometimes there are surprises like the first time we found kohlrabi (with full explanations of what it is, how good for you it is and how to cook it, in Turkish), but generally it is very seasonal local produce.

6 responses to “Seasonal Fruits

  1. Plenty of “ot” around. I now love green plums and almonds, but it took me few years and I need plenty of salt with them.

    • And loads of ot here, some of which we like more than others. Think we’ll wait until the plums are sweet and juicy and the almonds need cracking out of shells.
      Oh, and we are heading to Bodrum in a couple of days. so if you fancy meeting and chat let us know.

  2. Annette newton

    See you next week will ring you x

  3. J and I are addicts of the villager’s section of our local (non-touristic) market, always piles of good, fresh stuff. Since moving here we’ve only shopped for what is in season and produced in Turkey and we have never before enjoyed such a varied and healthy diet.

    • We pretty much eat off the market. As you say always piled high with fresh local produce. Eating seasonal is something we never really experienced in the UK since childhood. .

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