March – Photo of the Month

From Hilary’s trip to Kapıkırı koyu and soap making.  This rather lovely shot of lake Bafa.


14 responses to “March – Photo of the Month

  1. we’ll be wandering around the area again some time before it gets too hot. Super photo!

    • Thanks. That was where I first found the iris histriodes, but the camera I had with me is not good at close up nature photography. It was a lovely day and not too windy.

  2. Gorgeous!

  3. Is the road finished? If so I’ll be heading up too.

  4. Annette newton

    That is so lovely reminds me of bafa lake for some reason.will you be posting our trip out ha ha only two weeks x

  5. Definitely photo of the month!

  6. That is so so beautiful. I’ve never heard of Lake Bafa before, but will look it up, it looks an amazing place.

    • There is a lot to see around there. There is a Carian city (Herakleia) with a nice (but very ruined) theatre and an Ottoman fort or castle near where I took the photo. Be careful, the women who offer to show you the Theatre will not let you go until you have made several purchases. They sell some very nice hand-crafted pieces but they are very, very insistent. There are monasteries and cave paintings up on the hill but you really need a guide to find them safely. There’s good (and less touristed) walking on the other side of the ‘five fingers’, if walking is your thing.

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