Summer is Coming

Most evenings it is staying above 18C in the house without any heating, so we decided we no longer need the wood soba.  It if gets cooler (and there probably will be some cold nights) we have plenty of other heating options, but we can dispense with burning wood.  Today we cleaned the flue, a messy task, soot gets everywhere, and put the remaining wood away.  As a result of using a wood stove the walls need a wipe down and a lick of fresh paint, this will get done over the next week or so.

Whilst we were cleaning the flue and packing wood away our neighbours decided it was a good day to gather in their garden and cook outside, their first such event of the year. We therefore had to stop work late morning to eat gözleme and be social, and then mid-afternoon another enforced break for kısır and coffee, followed by reading of the coffee grounds.   Apparently we are going to come into lots of money, go travelling on a plane and a boat, attend a wedding and so on.  Odd that, we are going to a wedding on Saturday, and we are planning a trip to Greece in the summer which would cover the boat part.  It goes to show the coffee readings are never wrong!

The swallows have returned, more are arriving every day.  For the last few days there has been one on the wire outside our house.  It might be one of the pair from last year, they nested next door and raised several broods.  Today there was a pair, singing together, investigating the nest from last year.  It is good to hear them, good to see them, and good to know the rising number of flying insects is going to be hunted and eaten.


16 responses to “Summer is Coming

  1. Let’s hope the coffee grounds are right about coming into money too.

  2. On the other hand it snowed here in Ireland again today.

  3. . . ain’t life here great! 😀

  4. A lady in Goreme used to read my coffee grounds. She was always right. It’s been a very mild winter hasn’t it? We haven’t had to use any heating at all.

    • Compared to last winter it has been very mild. Only three nıghts when the temperature dropped below zero. We have used far less fuel than last year.

  5. I am horribly jealous. It was snowing this morning and has been on and off for a week now. We had 20C this time last year and today it is 5C.
    Glad to hear the swallows are with you. Send some spring over to us, eh?

  6. I once had my coffee cup read just after coming to Turkey. The woman said I would marry very soon and be very happy…I was already married:(…but the be very happy part was very true:)

    • Our readings were 100% positive. Not so for the other neighbours… Some of them have futures that are not so rosy.
      Oh, and we love your blog. Hope you don’t mind us adding you to our links section.

  7. Not at all, the feeling is mutual and love to read yours and of course will add a link to it from mine 🙂

    • I think the chicken buses win! Those are the size of a standard dolmuş with up to 60 people (with livestock) crammed in.

      I can’t even remember the number of the bus that took me from Northolt to South Harrow in the mornings, but your account did remind me…

  8. I am thinking of starting an extreme bus ride package deal holiday to Antalya type of business. Just pick them up at the airport, throw them a pack lunch and a weeks bus travel card and put them on the first bus I see. 🙂

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